Allie Stern

I’ve always been a flexible person- I can make plans, change plans, adapt to life’s moments, be in the unknown, however...I couldn’t touch my toes and with that, I thought I wasn’t good enough for yoga. In 2014, I moved to Margate and needed a change. For me, that change was yoga. After one class I was hooked - hooked on the practice, sweat, community and lightness I felt when leaving the room. I could literally feel the “extra” sweating out of me. No one cared that I couldn’t touch my toes and after a while, I didn’t either. A few months later I committed to teacher training at Grow Yoga- through practice, dedication and an open heart I gained self appreciation and the desire to move with purpose. Yoga has become my passion and daily dose of goodness! When I’not wearing yoga pants (but I usually am), I can be found teaching Kindergarten, traveling and spending time with my favorite people. Make some plans or change some plans and meet me at the Zen Den!