Erin Schiavo

I discovered the Zen Den in 2010. As an avid runner, I turned to yoga in an effort to increase my balance, flexibility, and overall strength. I was humbled by my first experiences on the mat and quickly discovered that practicing at the Zen Den was going to provide me with more than I expected. I not only became a believer in yoga, but I became a fan of The Zen Den and the philosophies it embraces. The energy is always positive and inspiring, and the classes are incredibly challenging.
Looking for a new challenge, I became certified as a Barre instructor in 2014. Barre is a practice of balance and strength with a focus on posture and form. With upbeat music and tempos, we complete sets of ballet-inspired exercises. Barre classes isolate and target specific muscle groups while engaging the core. You will increase your leg strength and muscle tone. The abdominals, glutes, and upper body are toned and strengthened as well with the use of bands and weights.
I am eager to have the opportunity to help others find this healthy balance, while meeting their fitness goals and look forward to seeing some new faces at the Barre this summer!