Arianne Green

After 22 years of practicing yoga, over 10,000 hours of teaching experience, and 800 hours of leading teacher trainings, my passion and love for yoga continues to evolve on a daily basis. In 2008, I opened the Zen Den. The last few years have been laborious, yet incredibly rewarding for me.  I realize that the teacher is the continual student and I'm always striving to learn more in order to share information with my students so that they can continue to grow in their own practices as well. No matter which classes you show up for, you can expect to be inspired and challenged, both mentally and physically, all while sweating your ass off. In order to make the intimidating and impossible become the attainable, I make sure to apply options for all levels so everyone meets their edge, wherever it might be for that day.  My teaching always contains an element of “workshop” –breaking difficult moves down into small, digestible pieces with precise language and clear, simple demonstrations- all while maintaining a sense of seamless flow, which is satisfyingly sweaty, empowering and detoxifying. It is this unique combination of creative sequencing, spiritual motivation, fun energy and awesome music that make my classes unique and inspiring. In addition to the weekly schedule, several teacher training certifications are offered through the course of the year. This is an opportunity to take your practice to the next level.  Several well-known yoga instructors from across the country have made guest appearances at the Zen Den including Patrick Beach, Phillip Askew, Mackenzie Miller, and Simon Park. So if you are ready to break out of your comfort zone and try something new, come practice with me at the Zen Den. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you let go of what doesn't serve you. ;)

float from arianne green on Vimeo.

Joe DiLorenzo

An accomplished long distance runner for over 25 years and a member of The Bishop Eustace Prep Basketball Hall of Fame, Joe now combines his knowledge of sport with his same enthusiastic passion toward teaching vinyasa yoga with day one beginners to Professional athletes.  Practicing for 5 years and RYT 200 Certified through the Zen Den Teacher Training Program in 2013 Joe can be found on a daily basis at the Den unless traveling on the road with his beloved New Orleans Saints.


Jaime Kravitz

In 2011, I traded in my gym membership for a yoga mat at the Zen Den. When I started practicing I couldn't even touch my toes. The thought of holding a handstand in the middle of the room sounded crazy. Through practice, patience, and perseverance I have transformed my mind, body and soul while at the same time, having tons of laughs and making lasting friendships. Hooked on yoga, in the summer of 2014, I completed my teacher training at the Zen Den. My classes are all about letting go, having fun, listening to killer playlists and working your ass off. Breathe, sing, dance, don't take yourself too seriously and add an extra chataranga or 10...namaste bitches!

Stefanie Green

My yoga journey began when my dad first invited me to join him on the mat in 2010. I wasn't familiar with yoga, but I knew it was supposed to be good for you. A few short weeks later, after driving home from a second yoga class with the sun setting behind me, a sense of peace washed over me, and I was hooked. I took my passion one step further by embarking on the yoga teacher training at the Zen Den this past fall/winter. When I'm not practicing yoga, I spend most of my time teaching 5th grade special education, relaxing on the beach while watching my husband surf in Ocean City, or walking my fur-child, a lovable, black Labrador retriever named Star. I'm excited for the opportunity to share this practice, bringing tranquility and a sense of physical well-being to your life, on and off the mat.

Lisa Christadore

For the better part of my childhood, gymnastics was my favorite thing to do. 15 years later I began searching for that same grace and strength rooted in physical movement and mental concentration. Yoga entered my life 2 years ago and has taught me time and again that controlling the body is the first step to controlling the mind. By moving humbly, gracefully, and with intent on the mat, we become more disciplined, accepting, and grounded in life. I also deeply appreciate human anatomy and chemistry and view the body as a changing, intertwined system of moving parts. During my 200-hour teacher training at the Zen Den, I found my passion for teaching high-energy, challenging vinyasa classes that target a range of muscle groups. My goal is to get my classes sweaty, inspired, smiling (and possibly singing), every time :)


Andy Magner

Andrew Magner, a lifelong beach resident, grew up in Margate NJ. He is an avid sports and fitness enthusiast and has participated in both organized sports such as beach volleyball and basketball and individual fitness challenges such as crossfit, weight lifting, surfing, kayaking, hiking, and balance training, While you are likey to find Andy on one of his SUPs in the summer, he holds a master’s degree in special education and is a 12 year veteran high school teacher in Lower Merion School District. Andy began his yoga practice five years ago in a quest to recover from sports injuries, but he has found the spiritual and emotional side of his practice to be the most healing of all. He completed his 200 hour certification in Kripalu and recently earned a 200 hour vinyasa certification at the Zen Den.

Free spirited, calm, and patient, Andy is driven and passionate. His love for travel fuels his adventurous spirit. While his passion for yoga is apparent in his classes, there is nothing more important to Andy than his relationship with his two sons Drew and Jaxon.


Erin Schiavo

I discovered the Zen Den in 2010. As an avid runner, I turned to yoga in an effort to increase my balance, flexibility, and overall strength. I was humbled by my first experiences on the mat and quickly discovered that practicing at the Zen Den was going to provide me with more than I expected. I not only became a believer in yoga, but I became a fan of The Zen Den and the philosophies it embraces. The energy is always positive and inspiring, and the classes are incredibly challenging.
Looking for a new challenge, I became certified as a Barre instructor in 2014. Barre is a practice of balance and strength with a focus on posture and form. With upbeat music and tempos, we complete sets of ballet-inspired exercises. Barre classes isolate and target specific muscle groups while engaging the core. You will increase your leg strength and muscle tone. The abdominals, glutes, and upper body are toned and strengthened as well with the use of bands and weights.
I am eager to have the opportunity to help others find this healthy balance, while meeting their fitness goals and look forward to seeing some new faces at the Barre this summer!