Zen Den - Yoga in Margate NJ

SICKER THAN YOUR AVERAGE.....a vinyasa yoga experience like no other.

Yoga, HIIT & Barre Studios in Margate NJ, NJ

Holiday Week Schedule::

Saturday December 24th and Sunday December 25th: CLOSED

Monday December 26th: 9:30 am Sweat with Lea
Tuesday December 27th: 8:30am Kapower Hour with Lisa
5:30pm Sweat Express with Joe

Wednesday December 28th: 9:30am Sweat with Stefanie
Thursday December 29th: 8:30am Kapower Hour with Lisa
5:30pm Sweat Express with Joe

Friday December 30th: 9:30am Sweat with Ari
Saturday December 31st: 8:30am Super Soaker with Ari
Sunday January 1st: 9:00am Wake and Bake with Ari

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Please view the schedule page for a complete description of all classes and their requirements.

Zen is to have the heart and soul of a child. That is the vibe you get when you enter The Zen Den Yoga Studio in Margate New Jersey. There is a spirit of freedom and play. We are able to take the yoga seriously, but ourselves not, as we have fun doing things we never thought we could.
There is also a strong sense of community, as teachers and students encourage each other to laugh, smile and have a great time. We are a very supportive and highly experienced studio. All classes pay careful attention to alignment so students can move safely through their transitions and poses.
Classes for all levels are offered, as well as beginner friendly and more advanced levels as well.

Come check us out at our second and new Studio in Margate NJ "Studio B".
Our Yoga studio is a few minutes away from Ventnor and Longport NJ. Plenty of parking in our lot and bike racks if you want to ride over.


Find Zen. Follow us.


Ground Control

Take flight from the ground up with Arianne's breakthrough workshop "Ground Control". Workshops help in both our Ocean, City and Margate, NJ locations.


A unique sequence originated in Margate, NJ.
The evolution of Hot Yoga: Sweat

Vinyasa 2.0

Vinyasa unlike anything you've done before. Come prepared to work. Oh, and have fun too.